About the Comfort Lane

We at The Loogman Group are always focused on innovations. At this moment we are working on a thorough renovation of our fuel station in Aalsmeer, The Netherlands. More compact tank positions, a totally new store, a belt driven interior cleaning station, and a new snack corner will give an enormous boost to our independent fuel station in Aalsmeer. Last year, we also developed a totally new concept within the world of gas stations. Today we want to provide a disclosure of this new development, which we call Comfort Lane

Everybody is familiar with a conveyered carwash. The Comfort Lane, which is a belt driven fueling system, did not exist up to now. In the past 1.5 year I spend a lot of time developing the Comfort Lane. In a few weeks the first Comfort Lane will be opened for our customers. Imagine staying seated in your own comfort zone, just like in a carwash, while the car is on a slowly moving belt and an attendant is filling up your car.  Old fashioned service with a modern twist! Early July the Comfort Lane will be operational at our fuel station in Aalsmeer.

We have put the three biggest benefits for the Comfort Lane side by side: Refueling at the Comfort Lane means Sit back and relax, no dirty hands anymore, and back on the road quickly. Let’s be honest, who would not want that? The concept is new and unique in the world. We therefore have filed for patent production to protect a worldwide rollout of the idea.

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